Buy goods in stores in Germany, Poland, Spain, England, France, Italy, Latvia and the Netherlands

We will deliver your purchases to the address specified by you or to the pick-up point of your choice. Do you want us to purchase the products for you? Use our additional purchase service.

Parcel tracking Parcel tracking

1.Do the shopping

Do the shopping

Shop in European e-shops and for delivery address indicate the warehouse address provided by us

2.We will transport

We will transport

Within 24 hours of receiving your goods at the Pirkeu warehouse we will enter them into the system and send them to Lithuania on the next transportation.

3.We will deliver

We will deliver

After you form a delivery order, the goods will be delivered to the Pirkeu collection point or to the address specified by you.

Why to choose PirkEU?

Low delivery cost

Delivery of goods from European online stores will cost you from 2,99Eur

More shopping opportunities

In European e-shops, you can choose from a wider range of goods at a lower price.

Combining of parcels

Order goods from different online stores in the same country, and we will combine your parcels into one and you pay only for their total weight

Fast and reliable delivery

We will deliver your purchases within 1-4 days. from receipt to our warehouse

Mediation in shopping

Select an item in a foreign online store and we will buy it for You!

Goods purchase service

Choose the easiest way to shop in Germany, Poland, Spain, France, Italy, Latvia and the Netherlands

Fill out the order form and we will provide the final price of the item with all taxes. If the price is acceptable to you, we will make a purchase for you.

Purchase service fees

Price calculator

You found an item in an online store, but do not know how much it will cost to ship to Lithuania?

Fill in the information about goods in the table on the right to find out the parcel delivery price from Germany, Spain, Poland, England, France, Italy, Latvia or the Netherlands stores to the location you specify.

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Parcel info
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