Return prices

Deliver the parcel to one of our pickup points and we will return your purchase to the seller.

Lithuania Germany
Total weight of parcels up to, kg Price, Eur
1 5
5 7.5
10 11
20 23.5
30 34.5
40 48.5
50 63.5
Lithuania England
Total weight of parcels up to, kg Price, Eur
1 6
5 8.5
10 12.5
20 25.5
30 36.5
40 49
50 65
  • If the Seller gives a free return in Germany/England, the goods from the German/English warehouse will be returned free of charge; 
  • If the Seller does not provide free return, parcels will be shipped from the German/English warehouse to the Seller via DPD at rates set by the parcel service; 
  • The goods being returned can be transferred to goods pick-up point in Vilnius, warehouse in Kaunas or by courier to JSC Pigu perku, Ukrainiečių str. 4, LT- 45234 Kaunas, Lithuania; 
  • The total length of the sides shall be not more than 180 cm, and if one side is longer than 120 cm the weight coefficient 1,3 shall be applied. For example: if a parcel measures 100x100x10 and weighs 30 kg -> it will be charged as a 39 kg parcel. 
  • Returned goods leave to Germany from Lithuania on Mondays and arrives in Germany on Thursdays. Returned goods leave to Engand from Lithuania on Mondays and arrives to England on Fridays.