Why do I have to confirm my identity?

Identity verification system allows to ensure security against persons seeking to make a profit by deceit. The person who asserts his identity assumes responsibility for the content of parcel. 

What shipping method should I specify in the online store to ship the parcel to your warehouse?

Parcel to our warehouse should be delivered directly by courier, other delivery methods are not available. If the parcel will be delivered to a self-service parcel terminal or collection point, we will not be able to pick up the parcel.

I want to order the item from the third countries, is it possible?

Our rules also prohibit the shipments from the third-countries. 

How long can I store parcels in your warehouse?

Parcels can be stored in our warehouse for up to 30 days. 

Can my parcel be picked up by another person?

Yes, of course! The person picking up should know the order number and the parcel will be handed over at the collection point. 

  • We provide parcel return service to warehouses in Germany;
  • Possibility to shop in different stores in Germany, Spain, England, Poland, France, and Italy;
  • Possibility to combine parcels from different online stores and pay as per parcel;
  • Fast delivery upon receipt of a parcel from a foreign warehouse.
I paid for the order, but it shows in my account that the order is not paid, why?

If the system indicates that the order is not paid, please send us a payment statement to our general email: info@pirkeu.lt and we will confirm the payment manually. 

Do you carry large purchases/cargo?

Yes, we carry cargo of various dimensions. 

Where can I find the address of the warehouse in Germany, Spain, Poland, England, French and Italian ?

German, Spainish, Polish, French, Italian and English warehouse addresses are provided to the verified customers. You can find them by logging in to the system in the "account" section.

Is it necessary to print a proforma before I pick up my purchases?

No, it is not necessary to print, the invoice will be printed in the warehouse. 

How is my purchase status changing? How can I track it?

As soon as we receive your purchases in Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy, France or England, we will enter them into the system, and you will receive an automatic system notification that a new purchase has been received on your behalf (you can see weight, size and shipper in your account), the purchase status will be "Parcel in Germany", "Parcel in Poland", "Parcel in England". When all parcels of the week leave for Estonia, their status will be changed to "Parcel traveling to Estonia". Upon a receipt of the parcel in Estonian warehouse, you will receive the message "The parcel is in the distribution center". When parcels are traveling to Estonia or already are in Estonia, you will be able to add them to your invoice, choose a delivery method and pay for them. Once the parcel is ready you will receive a notification and we will change their status to "Parcel sent". 

Where can I find an invoice?

You'll find the invoice in your account and it will be emailed to you after you make a payment.

Can I buy from other online stores or only from the ones listed on your website?

It is possible to buy from all online stores in Germany, Spain, England, Poland, France, Italy and other European Union that offer delivery of purchases to Germany, Spain, England, Poland, France or Italy.

What should I do if I receive a damaged goods?

If you are dissatisfied with the condition of the item you received and you think it may have been due to poor transport – be sure to contact us and we will deal with each case exceptionally. 

How can I pay for the services provided?

You can pay by e-banking. 

Is there a possibility to ship a higher quantity of goods?

Yes, it is always possible to "stock up" parcels in our warehouse and only after collecting the desired quantity of goods after they have been collected to pick up them. 

I have ordered a purchase but it has not yet been entered into the system. Why?

First, make sure the item has actually been shipped by the seller and delivered to our address. Alternatively, we received the item, but the seller did not provide you with the ID assigned to you or provided it incorrectly. Send the parcel tracking number by email info@ostaeu.ee.

A purchase came to the German warehouse and I would like to return it to the seller. Is there a possibility?

Yes, deliver the parcel to one of our pickup points and we will return your purchase to the seller/shipper. 

Can parcels from different countries be completed?

Parcels can be completed only from the same country. For completing parcels from the same country you will pay for the total weight of the parcels, plus a completion fee of EUR 0.99 for each parcel.

I ordered an item in Poland and mistakenly have chosen the payment for the item at the time of delivery, can your employee in Poland accept and pay for the parcel?

Payment is not available at the time of delivery. Such parcels are not accepted into the warehouse and the parcels are returned to the seller.